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 In 1998, a few Bengalis of the Tri-state area (Kentucky-Indiana-Ohio) proposed to organize a  cultural festival in mid America region in order to further the rich cultural tradition and  heritage of Bengali literature and performing arts amongst the Bengali diaspora living in  North America. In the following year, at a meeting of a few enthusiastic Bengalis from the  Tri-state area, a resolution was passed to form a cultural forum, MID AMERICA BENGALI ASSOCIATION (MABA). An Executive Committee with members from Louisville and Lexington (KY), Nashville and Memphis (TN), Huntsville (Alabama), Cincinnati and Dayton (OH) was nominated. It was the consensus of the members attending the meeting that this organization be secular and that its focus should be on catering to the diverse cultural needs of the Bengali speaking community of Mid America. At the same meeting, Treenaneel of Kentucky proposed to host the first cultural festival, BANGAMELA 1999, in Louisville.

In November of 2000, a constitution for MABA was crafted and a final draft  approved. It was subsequently amended in 2001 and 2009 as the needs of   the organization and the constituent membership continued

During the last fourteen years of its illustrious history, Bangamela® has been successfully hosted in a number of mid American cites, like  Clarksville, St. Louis, Kansas City, Nashville, Cincinnati, Chicago, Memphis, Columbus, Atlanta and Washington D.C.

 Since its inception, MABA has gained a reputation as the most prominent force in the Bengali cultural forum in mid America as evidenced by the growing popularity of Bangamela® across the region. This has been possible only due to the dedication and hard work of all our supporters Bengali organizations, individuals and the Arts Councils of cities across the region.

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MABA to host the 15th Bangamela 2013 in Cincinnati, July 19-21, 2013