Dutta Vs. Dutta

Purnendu Roy & Nilakhi Roy presents
Directed by Anjan Dutt
Music by Neel Dutt

After Ranjana Ami Aar Ashbona, Anjan Dutt in his latest film Dutta vs Dutta has recaptured the spirit of Kolkata in the early 1970s with plenty of autobiographical elements woven into the plot. The film revolves around Dutta bari of Taltala and events as seen through the eyes of the youngest male member of the family, Rono. Dutta vs Dutta is a compelling and gripping tale that throws us back to the 70s when the city was witnessing the arrival of hippies and the rise of the Naxal movement and the emergence of a pioneering Bangla band that revolutionized the music scene with its scathing lyrics and melodies that caught on like wildfire

Come join us to a very special screening of the entire movie @ Bangamela with Anjan Dutt himself in the audience !

Where the Mind is Without Fear

A documentary on Tagore
Produced and Directed by
Dr. Rabindra Chakraborty and Shoma Chakraborty.

Tagore - the first non-European Nobel-laureate poet, the Philosopher, the Painter, the Educationist, the Visionary, the official emissary of an unofficial nation and a proud Indian with a Universal Mind who subscribed to World citizenship and advocated the equality for all - was probably the most precious gift that we, Indians inherited. His influence was long lasting, his thinking was impacting, his creations are ever lustrous, his cordial call to peace ashamed the World powers at war. 152 years ago this genius was born in our home and illuminated the World. "Where the Mind is Without Fear and the Head is Held High" - is his dream for our world.

Come, Join Us in Bangamela ... Learn Tagore, Learn India ... Be Proud!

Disconnected Genius - Dwarkanath and Rabindranath

With rare and previously unseen footage of Rabindranath, Tagore family documents and Dwarkanath memorabilia.
Runtime: 53 minutes
Directed by - Dr Aniruddho Sanyal

Context: Dwarkanath Tagore was an early 19th century self-made entrepreneur who has been compared with Jamshedji Tata - the industrial pioneer. He was also the grandfather of Rabindranath Tagore, though curiously, the poet in his substantial body of works, hardly mentions Dwarkanath, who was a man of rare qualities ranging from strong business acumen to the love of the arts, poetry and music. Though at times ruthless in business, he was also a progressive thinker and a generous donor to many charities and worthy causes.

Testimonials from noted Tagore scholars:

'Prince' Dwarkanath Tagore (1794-1846), the grandfather of Rabindranath Tagore, was one of the most interesting Indians of the nineteenth century, with a convincing claim to be India's first industrial entrepreneur. His business empire traded with the West and the East. Yet, his spiritually inclined grandson rejected his commercially minded grandfather's memory, and today Dwarkanath is largely unremembered, even in India. Aniruddho Sanyal's personal tribute to Dwarkanath, "Disconnected Genius", brings this larger-than-life man alive. It is an attractive mixture of historical material, contemporary footage shot in both Calcutta, England and the United States, dramatized scenes from Dwarkanath's life, and a fascinating interview with Blair Kling, an American economic historian who wrote an important book on Dwarkanath's empire. Anyone interested in the Tagore family and the roots of modern India's current economic rise should see "Disconnected Genius".
Andrew Robinson, Tagore scholar and biographer, world renowned authority on Satyajit Ray and formerly Editor, Times Literary Supplement.

Aniruddho Sanyal’s documentary, “Disconnected Genius,” captures the important place of Dwarkanath Tagore, the grandfather of Rabindranath, in the history of modern India. It depicts Dwarkanath, who flourished in early nineteenth-century Calcutta, as a man of many facets—business and industrial entrepreneur, patron of western education and theater, social leader who broke taboos by associating with Europeans and bringing British and Indian elites together, and citizen of the British Empire who spent long periods in London where he hobnobbed with literati and social leaders and with Queen Victoria herself. Sanyal’s vivid and concise portrayal of Dwarkanath also explores the mystery of why Rabindranath in none of his writings acknowledged the achievements of his illustrious ancestor.
Blair Kling, Professor of History, Tagore scholar and author of “Partner in Empire: Dwarkanath Tagore,” the greatest sourcebook on the subject of Rabindranath’s grandfather and the 19th century renaissance in Bengal.

Aniruddho Sanyal's impressive film on Dwarkanath Tagore - Rabindranath's grandfather - is a long overdue assessment of a pioneering Indian entrepreneur who made his mark in a highly competitive colonial business world. It goes to show that the Tagores were modernists, starting effectively with Dwarkanath. Rabindranath Tagore's myriad modernising efforts in the field of Indian culture are but a continuation of the same momentum. Both Rajah RamMohun Roy and Dwarkanath Tagore began a progressive dialogue with the west which was temporarily regressed by Maharshi Debendranath, Dwarkanath's son. Fortunately it was revitalised by Rabindranath to inspire India in search of her rightful place in the world.
Krishna Dutta, Tagore scholar and biographer. Author (with Andrew Robinson) of “Rabindranath Tagore: The Myriad Minded Man”( St. Martin’s Press, 1996) and several other seminal volumes on Rabindranath Tagore and a path-breaking book on Calcutta.

Aniruddho Sanyal holds a PhD in Finance and has been a risk technology professional for two decades. He also makes documentaries in his spare time on themes of interest to the Indian diaspora.

Monalisa Dasgupta is an independent filmmaker who shares her time between Los Angeles and Kolkata, India. She finds intriguing filming material in the confluence of lived-in experiences of Bengalis at home and in America, an emerging ethnic identity.

Monalisa's first full-length feature film 'Lost Mother' (2010) was well-received by global audiences.

Below is a list of her documentaries that will be screened @ Bangamela 2013:

Sufis of the East - Bauls and Fakirs (13 min preview)

This film is in progress now, approximate release date is December, 2013. The 13 min teaser of this film will introduce the Sufis of the East - show who these Bauls and Fakir’s are, how their philosophy is flowing through out their generations after generations, their songs and the purpose of those songs, how they are sustaining in society and overall their future.

Kumartulir Doshabhuja (20 min): Premiere at Bangamela 2013

A documentary on the women idol-makers of Kumartuli. This film is new, I did not screen it anywhere yet. ‘Kumortulir Dashabhuja’ is an attempt to portray the power of struggling women idol makers in Kolkata who thrive in their creative identities.

A documentary on Banani Ghosh (20 min): Premiere at Bangamela 2013

A documentary on Rabindra Sangeet musician Banani Ghosh. Banani Ghosh, is a Bengali musician, primarily known as an exponent of Rabindra Sangeet, but also specializes in the music of Atulprasad Sen, Rajanikanta Sen and others. She tells her own stories in this documentary in a very unique and private conversation with Monalisa.